Electromac Industries

Company profile:
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial spare parts and machinery parts


Company type(s):
Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

Products / Services:
Electrical Products: Distribution Boards, Electric Motors, Electrical Connectors, Electrical Products, Electrical Wires, Industrial Batteries, Insulation Materials, Power Supplies
Electronics: Electronics
Batteries: Batteries
Garden Products: Forks, Garden Cultivators, Hedge Trimmers
Personal Care Products: Razors
Tools: Adzes, Axes, Band Saws, Billhooks, Blades, Block Planes, BNC Inserter and Removers, Bolt Cutters, Braces, Broaches, etc
Energy Products: Energy Products
Engines: Electric Motors
Machines: Machines, Milling Cutters


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Year of establishment:

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